Stereo Mixer 1U - drive monitors/headphones?

Hello all.

Does anyone know if the Stereo Mixer 1U output will drive headphones/monitors, without any additional tiles?

It should work with monitors / other line-level gear. It’s not really designed to drive headphones, but might work with some depending on the model. You’re better off connecting it to the Headphones 1U if that’s your intended application.

Thanks! Picked up some monitors with a headphone out, so covered all my bases.

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Wait, I thought it was eurorack level and unbalanced, not line level? Stereo Mixer 1U - #7 by ScottMFR doesn’t that mean it’d be about 15dB too hot for a line level system?

Yeah but depending on how much headroom the receiving device is and what level you are sending the mix at you can probably make it work. You will probably have to turn down the levels…

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