Stereo Mix 1U

Looking at the updated Palette manual, there’s a reference to a Stereo Mix 1U module. I’d love some hints on what this will look like. If it’s anything like a 1U Mixup I’ll be pretty happy.


Can only assume it is on the top right if here


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It looks like something new…

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Good eye. Looks like a two stereo channel mixer.

Pretty simple, 2 Stereo Channels, 4 inputs (L/R1 L/R2), LR Mix Out. Can be chained in the same way a mixup can


What’s the width, 16hp?

Nice, that could be very handy.

This looks great! I need at least two of those for my 1U row. Any rough estimate on when Intellijel plans to release this, @slowwild?

We are at the mercy of our panel supplier. The modules have been ready for ages now, just waiting for the panels. I thought we would have them by now but it may not be until after Christmas. We’ll ship asap!

EDIT: just got panel shipment notification! So in about a week (but also factoring in some holiday schedule here too)


Great! Happy to hear these will be out very soon.

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