Stereo Line Out 1U to Mixup via 3-Pin Link Connector?

I didn’t see this exact scenario addressed yet across the forum or manuals. And I’m not sure I really want to do this but find myself juggling 1U modules between two cases and thought I’d ask.

Is it possible and safe to connect the 3-pin out from the Stereo Line Out 1U to the Mixup chain in? Am I correct that this would allow you to control the gain of this extra channel going to Mixup from the 1U?

I presume per the manual I could then connect the Mixup 3-pin chain out to a Palette case w/ 2nd generation Audio Jacks board. The final output at the 1/4" jacks would be unbalanced as opposed to using the Stereo Line Out 1U ribbon cable directly but this should all work, correct?

If you connect the Stereo Line Out 1U 3-pin header to the Mixup Chain In you will not have volume control. Your scenario would work to get another 2 channels into the Mixup and send an unbalanced output to the 1/4" Palette jacks though.

Understood. Thank you!