Stereo Line In 1U module volume really low

I upgraded my audio board in my 104hp case to the newer version so I could connect my Mixup mixers to it, so when I use the new Stereo Line-In 1U module the volume is really low. I have to crank any synth connected to it to max, and crank the module volume to max to get any usable signal. Since everything is cranked full volume there’s also a lot of noise present. I didn’t have to do this with the old audio board and Stereo Line In/Out module.

HI Huron,

Can you give me some specific examples of synths you are using? Are these unbalanced, consumer level or balanced pro line level?

I tried a Roland Alpha Juno, TE Op-1, and Arturia MicroFreak. All have very low almost unusable levels when put into the Line In module.

Please send an e-mail to with an image of how you have things connected. We’ll get you sorted out!

Yes - are you connecting these synths to 1/4" jacks (on the back of thre 104hp 7u case, for example) - and running for the 3.5mm/mini jacks on the Stereo Line In Module over to (e.g. your mixup, or a filter or etc)?

And, what are your “internal” connections (inside the case) like? What modu,ea are connected to what modules, how? (Usuing the ribbon audio cables, 3pin connectors, etc.)

I agree it could definitely do with more gain. To boost a Monotribe line out to Eurorack level, I have to plug it into the L in, then patch the L out back into R In, and use the R out.