Stereo Line In 1U ETA?

Hey hey,

Perhaps I reacted too early, but once I saw the Audio I/O was discontinued, I flipped it in anticipation of the separate in and out modules being announced. Got the out, need the in. Any news?


Should be quite soon now! Probably just a couple weeks…


Wicked! 12HP, right?

I have them in stock, ready to ship. Just need to update the website! Yes they are 12hp.



Hey, does this combination replace the 1u Audio i/o module? I am super excited about the 7u case and just trying to get started but was holding off because I couldn’t find the audio IO board mentioned on the 7u product page that allows you to take advantage of the audio in/out integrated into the case.

Thank you so much for any guidance!

Yes, Audio IO 1U has been replaced by the separate Stereo In and Out modules. This allows more flexibility and saves 1U HP!


Can’t wait to get these!


Boosts -10dbvu signals to modular level…would this work with guitar pedals/guitar input? No offense to Pedal I/O, but sometimes you want to use your stereo pedals.

Most stereo pedals will output line level signals, so this would be fine. Pedal I/O shines best with analog (distrotion/fuzz) pedals that maintain a high impedance path or if you want patch your guitar right into your modular.


So, if your guitar was plugged into say an Empress Reverb, you could take the Stereo out of the Empress Reverb into the Stereo Line In 1U no problem. But if you pugged your guitar directly through the Stereo Line In, you’d have a hard time hearing it.

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I am trying to get my hands on one of those, anyone knows where/when they will be available in the old continent?

In need of one of these but all online retailers are out of stock. Any ETA, Intellijel peeps?

Happy New Year!