Stereo 1U only outputting Mono

Hi, I’m only getting a mono signal out of my intellijel stereo 1U.

I have two mono jacks going into the left and right stereo outs, this is then going to a stereo jack to my audio interface.

When both the mono left and right are plugged into the stereo out inteliljel 1U, I am only hearing the drums, when I plug in only one mono jack (in either right or left) I am hearing the whole track.

What am I doing wrong?

First off, I’d recommend using balanced cables for your outputs on the 7U case. Second, I’m a bit confused by what you mean when you say these are going to a stereo jack on your interface. Most interfaces have only mono inputs. Are you using a Y-cable? It could be that the input is actually mono and that’s why it’s dropping part of the signal. What interface are you using?

Hi Scott. Sorry to be confusing. Yes I’m using a Y cable, 2 x mono (the intellijel out end) and 1 x stereo going into the audio interface (apollo twin).

When you say balanced, do you mean, BOTH left and right output uses a balanced cable, and then input 1 and 2 of the audio interface using a balanced cable?

This Apollo Twin? Apollo Twin Mk II | Thunderbolt Audio Interface | Universal Audio

Those are all mono inputs. You should use a balanced TRS cable for both the left and right outputs from the case to the Mic/Line 1 & 2 inputs.

Yes that Apollo twin! Thanks Scott for your quick reply. Will try that!