Steppy autosave

I apologize if this is a repeat or an existing feature that I have over looked, but:

I would really love an auto save feature in steppy!
I often just turn my rack off and go: “aaaaw, I didn’t save my steppy settings for tomorrow”
I am considering buying a second steppy, this feature would definitely win me over :wink:


To reduce the wear on the EEPROM, we don’t do autosave. But it will automatically load your last saved preset.

I had a suspicion that that was the reason :slight_smile:
I obviously don’t know the size of your eeproms or the space required to store a patch. But if you auto save once every minute, and implement a round robin style scheme that saves in a new region every time such that all the remaining space is utilized. Assuming you have a surplus of unused eeprom space of cause :slight_smile: the module could have years of working hours

There’s arguments to be made for both approaches. Some people do not like their sequences to auto-save because it allows you to have a set of stored sequences that you mess up while playing, and then when you power cycle you reset them back to the saved versions.

You could always have these sequences stored in the 8 slots, and load them when you start.
Anyways, I understand you have a lot on your plate and probably a lot of projects you would love to do if you had the time.
Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

Love your modules (getting a planar 2 later this week, can’t wait!)