Steppy and pages

is there anymore information on using pages on steppy? i’m finding it really confusing, i had the pages following but now i can’t get it to page follow?

From page 16 of the manual:
PAGE FOLLOW/PROB button - Page Follow is indicated by the arrow over 3 dots icon.
When in Select mode, press this button to enable the Page Follow function. Page Follow is on
when the button glows yellow.
If Steppy is in Play mode and currently playing a Track that extends across multiple pages (that
is, it’s longer than 16 steps), then activating Page Follow allows Steppy to update its display to
“follow” the page changes.
NOTE: If you’re in Select mode and you press a Page button to select a page, Steppy will
automatically turn off the Page Follow function, enabling to you make the desired changes to
the selected page.

Ok got it thank you.

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