Steppy: 2 questions / potential fr

Hello - just picked up a steppy and loving the functionality within the amount of HP. Honestly it does quite a bit I wouldn’t have expected. :exploding_head:
I like how concise the UI is, so I’m not sure if these Qs are appropriate, but I thought I would ask:

  1. It occurs to me that when I’m setting a gate length per step, that there is an opportunity to alter the way that ratcheting for that step will take place, if used. In the default state, the ratcheting occupies the space of a single step, and then when extending the gate length, it simply fills in with more repeats which occupy what would be subsequent steps. But what about spreading the ratchet notes between 2 steps, or 3 (allowing repeats that are not 24ppt), if a step has been given a larger gate length? Instead of simply adding repeats that are happening during the course of those steps, the ratcheting could be temporally distributed throughout the range of those steps, subsequently allowing for new ways to subdivide time. You might think “well then you can’t use 24ppt on a longer note”, but I think why not put two or 3 notes down sequentially that ratchet at 24ppt? Anyway, just a thought. I might be alone in this but the 24ppt ratcheting gets a bit monotonous after some time, and I feel like this would allow for a lot of rhythmic complexity.

  2. Is there a way to chain patterns so that they play in sequence automagically?

Let me know if I’m clear and/or out of my mind. :slight_smile:
I realize these two features may be out of scope for the module. For example, I really like that there (doesn’t seem to be) isn’t a way to clock the module internally.