Steppy 1U Load Preset Bug

I was experimenting with loading saved presets in Steppy 1U and noticed that whenever a new preset is loaded it doesn’t start from the beginning of the saved pattern. On this particular pattern I have it seems to always start in the middle - for example, the loaded pattern on Track A has 4 pages, but when it is loaded it starts playing from page 3 instead of page 1.

This means that every time you load a new preset you have to then manually Reset the pattern for it to start from the beginning. Otherwise the Track A, B, C, and D patterns of the preset can be way off from what was originally programmed in. Seems really annoying to have to Reset a pattern every time a new one is loaded. Like even if you use the RST input to reset you have to have some weird timing for it to not sound awkward when you make the change during performance. Or even if you use the manual RST button it also sounds awkward every time you load a new pattern.

Kinda makes the Delayed load function not that useful since I think the point of Delayed load is to try and keep patterns in sync.

Logged an issue over here, we’ll check into it.

Cool, thank you for looking into it