Steppy 1u Firmware update Problem

Just received Steppy 1u. Tried to update the firmware, followed the instructions but I got

Tried different Usb Cable, different power port on the Palette. The steppy seems to work ok for what I learnt so far about it. I have not idea what firmware it has. How do you establish it? I use a Mac Book Pro Late 2013 +latest Catalina

Did you enter the bootloader mode for the Steppy?

It turned out to be my main USB HUB. Although Steppy was connected directly to the MAC, In disconnecting that HUB the update when through ok. I can only think that the hub which has a substantial amount of USB connected to it must have played Avoch with the USB bus of the Apple Mac Book Pro, or Steppy just did not liked it… LOL

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Glad you got it sorted!