Steppy 1U availability

Hey :wave:,

I’m looking for a 1U Steppy and it looks like they are out of stock across Europe. Do you have any estimate date when they will be restock ?

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Same here, trying to get my hands on a Steppy 1U. Anyone know a timeline to release more?

fingers-crossed & thx

Ditto; it looks like a few US/CA dealers are offering pre-orders, but no word yet on when stock will arrive. Excited to fill the “Reserved for Steppy” spot in my 7U… :raised_hands:

Do you remember who’s offering the pre-order?

Looks like Nightlife, at least… I don’t remember where else I saw pre-order options. Oh, Boutique Pedal, too!

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There’s a couple places showing stock right now: Wiggle Hunt

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Sadly, both of those stores appear to be out-of-stock but showing as in-stock in Wiggle Hunt. I keep seeing them in my searches for a Rainmaker, too. :frowning:

We’re testing and assembling a batch of Steppy 1U right now, so they should be shipping to dealers within a few weeks!


thank you!!!

Patchwerks has them in stock, they just emailed.



Wow, you’re fast; I was just coming here to say the same thing! :partying_face:

Argh I missed it. I asked about my local dealer if they will be soon back in stock before ordering them from the other side of the globe (I’m in Switzerland). But when they answered, Patchwerk’s stock was looted

Yeah !
Found one at Elevator Sound

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Control has/had them too. (I think I was on alll the email lists.)

Detroit Modular has some, as well:

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Hi ScottMFR, will you release new batch of 3U too?

I’m not releasing anything myself!

Unfortunately I don’t have access to that information. With Steppy 1U they just happened to come across my desk for testing.

Thanks for the quick reply!

They had just shipped a 3u batch in the last two months or so.

Thanks. I guess my dealer probably missed that or forgot I ordered one a while ago, gonna check with them.