Steady MachineNoise 1u Mixer

Hi Folks&Friends

I have a problem with my 1u Stereo Mixer! can anybody help Fix this Problem!?

I have the Koma Strom Power Supply and the Endorphines Shuttle Control! i Plugged out everything beside the 1u Mixer and the Power Supply! I tryed out Both and on both tryes i have a constant Noise! I dont have that Noise with my Hnerding Panmix!

has anybody else encountered this same Problem?

How did you fixed this? I have Soldering skills if that could fix it!

Thank you for Answering

Seems to be my Preamp! Switched my Phase on one Site! that did the Trick! I have still picking up some His but that i can live with… thats absolutly Normal on every Machine i have!

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Glad to hear you were able to sort it out! Remember if you have any issues with your modules you can always reach out to

Customercare makes the Difference! thank you Scott! Iam really happy with my Intellijel Stuff!!! But one thing is bothering me! I guess i get a 6 in Lotto before i get that Robot with a Heart Sticker! i Got 7 Skull Stickers… that is somehow Mc Donalds Monopoly like!

Could you please make the Stickers on the DeliveryBoxes Stickable too? :slight_smile: Luv u
Thank you for answering

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