Static while plugging in case

Hi All,

I have a 7u 104hp Intellijel case. Whenever i unplug the case to install more modules, i hear a little static shock sound when i plug the power cable back into the case. It only happens once on occasion, and all of the modules turn on and work fine when i turn on my system with no static shock beyond that.

I leave the cable plugged in when i unplug it from the case itself. Just curious if this is anything to be concerned about? I’m assume i’m probably worrying about nothing seeing how this is an external transfer of electricity and hopefully isn’t touching any internal circuits.


No, i think it’s just your audio interface (outs 1U, headphones 1U, or something like the 4ms listen up) acting a little funny. But its completely normal, although annoying.

Thanks for your thoughts Steve, I could see how that could be possible. Only thing is this is happening before i even plug my outputs from my modular to my interface, even so, i have no audio coming out of my speakers/headphone and could still hear it.