Starting Out

Hey, I’m new to this whole modular synth world and recently got really hooked into it. I want to start buying and creating a system but I have no clue what the best module is to start off. I’d appreciate any help towards this mini-dilemma. Thanks in advance!

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most likely you will need more than one module to get started.

is your initial focus to create sound or process sound?

My main focus right now is to create sound.

In terms of getting one module to start, Atlantis would offer the most in terms of providing a full synth voice. Plonk is another single module that provides a full voice. Otherwise, the traditional way to build a voice is to get a VCO, VCF, VCA, and envelope/function generator.

The other big consideration is what kind of case you will get. The size of the case will determine what kind of system you can make.

Planning out your end game in can be helpful to give you a bit of direction. Or spend some time with VCV Rack and see which modules you enjoy using.

You might find this article helpful:

then i would agree with scott on this, but i would say to add a quadra to your initial investment.

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ok thank you!