Starting metropolis with octatrack via umidi

Hello good people ! I recently got the umidi to run my metropolis/Atlantis combo with my set up that is usually controlled by the octatrack .
I am receiving gates and time/bpm but I don’t get a run/start stop type trigger for the metropolis to start running . I don’t have this issue when I am using my daw to start metropolis(it starts exactly as I would expect) .
Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong ?

I have the MIDI 1U module and there’s a setting in the config app to change it from the default ‘Reset’ to a ‘Run/Start’ type. Perhaps this is also the case with the uMIDI?

RST out - Operates as either a RESET
output or a RUN output, depending on
how it’s configured in the Intellijel Config app.
If configured as a RESET output (the factory default), this jack transmits a trigger signal
whenever a MIDI reset message is received. The corresponding LED lights whenever a RESET
message is sent.
If configured as a RUN output, this jack transmits a run gate that stays high (5V) for as long as
the external MIDI Clock In is running. Stopping the external MIDI clock sets the gate low (0V).
This is useful for starting/stopping any eurorack sequences in sync with an external MIDI
sequencer. The corresponding LED lights whenever the RUN gate is high.

EDIT1: I have a Metropolix and you can configure the RST input to be a reset or a Run/Start input. Is the Metropolis perhaps the same? So, requiring the uMIDI module’s RST jack to be configured as ‘Run/Start’ and Metropolis also set to same?

EDIT 2: uMIDI has a dedicated RST and RUN output. The Metropolis also looks like it advances 1 step per clock pulse when its clock is set to C_EXT mode. So, you would feed it Reset and clock from the uMIDI. When you start transport on the OT, it should advance the sequencer as intended and reset when you stop transport (or reset on transport start but should work as you expect. I’m just not technically sure when the reset is sent; on start or on stop).