Stacked 7U case noise issue

Hi there
Got two 104HP cases stacked and got a noise issue I can’t shake in the top case.

Swapped the power bricks (everything off a power conditioner), swapped the IECs, unplugged all the digital modules and most of the analogue ones. Still there.

Seems like it might be a grounding issue or something directly with the power? Bottom case is quiet.

Any ideas for a fix?

Cheers : )

Probably best to reach out to

Noise issues can be hard to diagnose! The best thing you can do is be systematic in trying to isolate the cause of the issue by eliminating each piece of the chain.

Some things to check are:
How are you monitoring your system?
Are you using balanced cables?
Is there anything else in your recording chain that might play a role?
Does the case have the noise issue when powered or connected elsewhere?

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Thanks Scott. Such a strange one, no major noise in the rest of the system and the top case is only connected to the bottom module-to-module via euro cables, no external audio cables otherwise.

Without the top modules connected, the bottom case is quiet. The noise become present in the bottom signal path with any connection, cv or audio, and is present is any top case audio signal.

That’s what made be think about the case’s power or the grounding, they’re joined by the standard brackets.

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Emailed support : )