Stability joining two 7U cases

I have one 7U x 104HP performance case angled on a keyboard stand, not sitting on a desk, and so not using the retractable legs. My question is if I can join another 7U case to it using the Intellijel joiners, even though the legs of the joiners won’t be resting on anything. Will the connection between the two cases alone be stable enough to support the top case?

It’s hard to say without knowing what kind of keyboard stand you are using. I find it’s quite stable having the two cases joined together, so probably if you find it stable enough using the built in feet it wouldn’t make a difference with the joiners.

My table is too narrow to use the joiners as the “feet” for two 104hp stands, so I use the bottom case’s own feet, and the feet of the joiner plates aren’t doing anything, and it works great. Does that apply to your scenario?

Thanks @musicartgeek, that sounds promising. In my case I’m not even using the bottom legs, since it is sitting on a keyboard stand, but mostly I wanted to know if the joiners would support the top case without also using them as legs.

If the case is lying flat on a desk or stand the joiners will still support the top case. My only concern would be that if the top case was pushed too hard it would lose its balance and topple over. I tested it on my desk and it does seem pretty sturdy, but it’s a definite risk if there’s nothing behind it to brace it or if you have a cat that likes climbing on a warm system.

I assume in order to use two cases together you need to purchase the joiner plates correct?
Then you use those plates instead of the ones built into the bottom case yes?

Yes, that is correct.