Springray 2?

Hi everyone, great looking forum you all have here, Intellijel. = )

Anyways, not sure if it is appropriate to ask here, but was just wondering if there are any updates with regards to the Springray 2?


We tried a bunch of experiments and then made some design changes that addressed our concerns with the way the feedback circuit was working. The design is done and layout is %95 complete (tight squeeze, lot’s of special considerations). So next we get protos made quickly to evaluate the changes and then get this into production asap. We only need to replace the main pcb which means we still have the panels and panel pcbs done and ready.

It was quite a learning experience on this one and hopefully we do not repeat the mistakes that lead to this unacceptably long delay. This module should have been out many many months ago!


Thanks for the update, Danjel.

I am pretty sure that it would be worth the wait. I have a spot in my rack reserved specifically for the Springray 2, and plenty of patch ideas in mind for it.

Thanks again! = )

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Same here. Sold my MK1 in anticipation of this. Can’t wait to get it back in my system again. :slight_smile:


Any news on this?

Happy to report that the latest proto is working very nicely and we are going to get these back into production!

Totally re-designed limiter circuit, feedback path (with virtual tube circuitry) and way nicer driver circuit. This thing is sounding pretty sweet now :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update, Danjel! = )

Any estimates on when these might be hitting the stores?

I received them today!

We just need to put on the panels and then they start shipping out to dealers.


Anybody have experience mounting the small reverb tank (blue plastic one) in one of the Intellijel cases? They mention that as an option in the Springray 2 vid. I have the 7u 104hp case and I’d much rather mount it in the case than to place it outside. My concern obviously is picking up electrical noise/hum.

Also, is it possible to use a digital brick with Springray 2? I could have sworn that was an option with the older version. Would be nice to have both spring and digital.

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Yeah it fits pretty easily in the cases, but you might have to slide it around to find the best spot to deal with deeper modules and the least electrical interference.

I would love to have a digital brick on top on my springray II. did you find out, if there are some digital bricks available for the springray II?

I wanted to bump this thread to address the 2 questions:

1 - how would you mount the tank in the 7u case? anyone have any ideas and/or photos?

2 - is there or will there be a belden brick available for the spring ray that could also be mounted in the case? this would be super cool, then i could just use the large tank at home on the desktop.

  1. I use double-sided mounting tape. This type: https://www.staples.ca/en/Scotch-Mounting-Tape/product_11189_1-CA_1_20001. I only have the small blue tank mounted inside the case. The other ones I use outside.

  2. By belden brick do you mean the digital tanks? In that case no, they require totally different circuitry compared to a regular spring tank.

I have the blue tank and the medium tank in my 7u/84hp case, held in with strong double sided tape. I keep the large tank outside of my case, obviously for space, but also for the occasional manual spring manipulation.

One last quick question. When you flip the tank switch position does it assign where you are sending or where you are receiving? I’m guessing sending but was still curious.

Both! The signal goes out one cable, through the tank, and then back in the other cable.