Springray 2 small tank in a Moog 60hp case?

I am putting together a 60hp Moog case with some utility modules as well as a Springray 2. Will I be able to put the tank inside there, or would I need to use an external tank? If I can put it inside, how would I secure it? Thanks.

I use double-sided 3M foam tape to secure the small tank to the inside of my case. Keep in mind that the small blue tank cannot be connected to the front of the module because it uses a different connector, so if you are planning to have it outside you need to have some way to run the cables into the case… probably not ideal.

The tank a connections have both the rca jacks and the small ones for the tiny springs. Can both be used at once in tank a mode? Also, is it possible to connect multiple tanks end-to-end, or would that mess with the transformers that make the signal strong enough to go through the springs?

To be honest I’ve never tried it. Obviously the power of the drive circuit would be split over two tanks, so it will probably be weaker than one, but I don’t know how it would sound.

Speaking of splitting power for two tanks, what is it like to daisy chain multiple tanks? How many before serious signal gain loss?

This is not something I’ve ever tested, but it would definitely change the impedance load and therefore the sound quality. The tanks that we sell for our cases have the correct impedance load to work with Springray. I have used a third party tank at home with different impedance settings and it has a distorted sound.

Oh cool! Looking forward to getting a springray and trying this!