(Solved) Metropolix GX Gate Expander Setup?

Hello! I just got my GX Gate Expander for the Metropolix. Apologies if this is a n00b Q, but I’m not sure if I’m missing a setup step? I plugged in the 6pin data connector and the standard power, and made sure the MX setting is set to “transport”, but it doesn’t seem to be powering up or sending any kind of CV. No LEDs light up when I run a sequence. Is there something I’m missing in regards to setup? Anything else I should test?


Hi Noka, sounds like you’ve done everything correctly. The Gx should just default to transport mode, so you should see it light up if it’s properly connected. I would recommend double checking all your connections.

Maybe best to send an e-mail to support@intellijel.com

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Hey Scott - thanks so much for chiming in! Embarrassingly, it seems to work just fine now. I powered down my case, walked away scratching my head, didn’t touch any of the connections, came back after you posted this, turned on my case, and boom! powered up, lights up and seems to work just fine!

I guess, for some reason, it just needed to be power-cycled? Regardless, thanks!


Oh glad to hear it! Must have been a minor gremlin.