[SOLVED] Issues with Stereo Line Out 1U in Palette 62

I have a Palette 62 with (among other modules) a Stereo Line Out 1U (SLO). I bought both new a few months ago. They’ve been working fine, until about 30 minutes ago when I powered up my case and I couldn’t hear anything through my headphones (plugged into the 1/4" jacks). I tested the headphone cable, which works for other modules. I tried plugging an offset (from a Quadratt) into the line-in jacks on the SLO, and the LEDs did not illuminate. I verified the 6-pin cable wasn’t loose, and there doesn’t seem to be any clear damage to the module.

Can someone help me debug what the issue is?

More details:
The total power draw of all modules is 621mA @ +12V, 286mA @ -12V, 0mA @ +5V. All are far below the specs for the Palette’s power supply.

Try swapping power ribbons from other modules to run the SLO? If you’ve done that I would email support@intellijel.com.

My Quadratt offset definitely lights up the SLO, as you implied it should…and it sounds like the headphones put out sound from other sources, so you’ve narrowed it down a fair bit already.

Before contacting support, you might also retry with fewer other modules in the case. It’s not likely, but possible for some combinations of modules out there to cause startup problems even if the total draw is within ratings.

Thanks for the advice! I got to the bottom of the problem using the “swap power ribbons” approach you laid out.

All better now!

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