Sneaky PedalIO update?

I noticed the Pedal IO has gained a few features since I first got mine.
It now has a phase flip and a live/Hi-Z toggle!
Those are niceties fo sho, but what else changed?
Any improved circuitry or components?
My OG Pedal IO is really noisy in my case (brings out noise that doesn’t exist when I patch pedals directly into my patchy or mixer).
I love parallel processing thou, so the Pedal IO is better in many cases. (pun?)
I’d buy an updated one if I thought it would have a lower noise floor!

The core circuitry is the same. If you have the gain cranked, it will amplify any background noise that exists in the system. Obviously worse if your pedal is noisy too.

If your case has a lot of digital modules, they could be really adding a lot of ground plane and radiated noise.

Interestingly, I did some additional trouble-shooting since I wrote the question above, and the plot thickened a bit!

I have two 7u cases joined.
I have a pedal plugged into the pedal I/O which is in the top case.
I had a clock coming out of the bottom case and feeding an attenuated pulse to the pedals tap input.
When I removed the clock (even with the controls maxed) the noise went almost completely away.
It turns out that if I feed the pedal tap input a signal of any type from that entire lower case, I get the noise.
If I feed the same pedal’s tap input anything from any output on the top case I get zero noise.

I have one of the passive intellijel thingies that lets me connect my cases via CAT5 and by simply sending the clock I wanted to send the pedal to the top case and out fixed the problem. Again, the octa-thingies are passive!

So, it seems I might have a power-gremlin in my lower case that I may want to sort out?!

Were there any other cables running from the lower case to the upper one? The symptom you’re describing sounds like the gremlinest of gremlins, grounding…

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