Smaller sockets in Quadrax?

The TipTop Audio stackcables do not fit into the Quadrax sockets. The stack cables are known to be a bit thicker, but they actually fit in every module also in all my Intellijell modules. Except for Quadrax. Are the sockets smaller in this module?

For real, stackcables don’t fit in Quadrax jacks at all? I’ve never seen a Euro module whose jacks wouldn’t accept those.

Same sockets on Quadrax that we use across our whole line and the jacks haven’t changed.

Email the support team at, can see if they can sort things out there

I’ll have to test this myself and see what happens. I have a couple stackables, but I tend to use Intellijel Hubs.

I use nothing but Stackcables and they fit my Quadrax fine.

yes they fit my quadrax fine also!

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Sorry guys.
I did more tests.
the problem is the new stackcables. Here the plug seems to be thicker and more sharp-edged.
The old stackcables all fit into all modules, including Quadrax.
From the new batch, the plugs go very hard into the socket or not at all.

I will contact TipTop Audio.


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Further tests have shown a difference to Quadrax and the other Intellijel modules.
The dimensions of the plugs of the stack cables are identical.
But still some do not fit into the Quadrax socket.
They fit in all other Intellijel modules.

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My Tiptop stackables do fit in Quadrax - but they are disturbingly tight. I have to apply just a bit too much pressure to insert and remove them.
No problem with Nazca noodles.
And - it’s just the Quadrax. None of my other Intellijel modules, or other brands.
There has to be something different with these jacks (same vendor, different batch?) - my new Planar2 and Tetrapad accept the stackables smoothly.

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I noticed this as well. Mine fit but they are extremely tight and i have to apply an uncomfortable amount of pressure.

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Sounds like bad QC at the Jack input manufacturer. Also sounds a little fishy why some Stackables work and others don’t, this could lead to problems on other models jack springs maybe? I’d complain or let TipTop know this also so they can keep a closer eye on the parts they are sourcing.