Small suggestion for the future

Seems like Intellijel is making huge strides with digital modules these days. And I like it!

Have you guys ever thought about starting to try to get the USB connector to the front of the module and onto the panel? I know that’s probably easier said than done and all. But for example, preset management with Laser Mammoth is kind of a non-starter for me unless I need to back things up for a firmware update. Just too much hassle to have to pull the module to connect over USB. It would probably make firmware upgrades that much easier too.

Anyway, just a musing for today. Cheers.

We have considered making a USB passthru 1U module, so you could plug it into the back and then plug a cable into the front of the case. I feel your pain regarding the USB connectors, but in a lot of cases it’s hard to justify the USB connector on the front when there’s other things like extra buttons or jacks that could go there instead. Panel space in Eurorack is really at a premium.

Of course if we make a sampler or other module that relies heavily on USB to function we would probably put the USB connector right on front. Also not that USB-C is becoming a thing and the connectors are getting smaller we may experiment with having them on the front as well. Haven’t tried the USB-C connector out in a design yet though…


With Mordax Data running low on the market, and given your excellent marketing, it would be worth putting out a real large screen oscilloscope - I’d certainly buy one.
Modular offers wide ranging possibilities in terms of instantaneous control, very little, however, for user presets. CV recording is the first step. HD wave display is another. And then we could jump over to somehow extracting and storing module signatures, and thereby preserve patches:). Maybe that’s not possible, but visualization would be welcome by many, anyway.
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