Sliding nut rails

Is there an easy way to swap out the 3U rails in palette cases with sliding nut rails? I’m 0-3 on getting even rails and one of them is bad enough that one module can only be screwed in at the top.

The cases are great but I’d be a lot happier with sliding nuts since not all manufacturers use oval panel holes.

Only the obvious way - unscrew and remove the rails, slide out the inserts, etc.

As far as uneven inserts go, look at the ends. One end is probably cut closer to or further from the last hole than the other. Sometimes you have to flip an insert around so it aligns correctly with its opposite insert.

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I’d didn’t occur to me those were inserts and not attached to the rails. That tip might solve the problem on its own. Thank you!

No worries. The inserts are cut a bit shorter than the rail itself as well, so there’s a bit of wiggle room to get them aligned.

Often you can shift the threaded strip back and forth, as well as any modules with oval holes. A good way to deal with it is just screw in the modules with round holes first to get the strip positioned.

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Thanks to both of you!

I rearranged my cases yesterday and used your tips to get things in order without having to use sliding nuts after all.


Glad it worked out, I really do think threaded strips are better in general, enjoy!

Wow, looks great!

Thanks @ScottMFR!

@kamil I’m coming around to appreciate them.