Sifam/Selco knobs

Are the standard Intellijel knobs Sifam/Selco small tall, large tall, small skirt or small unskirt? They look like small skirt.
And the standard is colour black with grey cap?
Looking to standardise some non-Intellijel modules, and pick out some important knobs with blue or white caps.
Screenshots from Thonk website.

Knobs: Small skirted and large skirted.

Caps: Gray w/black line, Blue w/white line, Black w/white line, and Black encoder.

I’ve done the same with people pretty much my entire system is Selco now, with the exception of my XAOC Odessa. The shafts on that are super tall, so I went with Cliff tall unskirted ones that match pretty closely. I also used unskirted small selcos on modules that had a tight layout, like FXAID

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Thanks, that’s good to know having just ordered one of these (XL).

Double check with the FX AID before you order knobs, because some have T18 shafts and some have D shafts.

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Yep, it’s 3x D shaft and dry/wet is T18.

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