Shrouded power headers

Having spent the evening reworking a rack and plugging things into a TPS30, I have to ask: why don’t you use shrouded power headers? The unshrouded ones are the “sliding nuts” of power connections IMO.

What’s the logic?


And so the mystery continues…

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Yeah, I definitely favor shrouded headers. I’m always paranoid I’m going to bend the pins (and have on other cases in the past). Shrouded headers also make it easier to plug in power connectors in tight areas where it’s hard to fit your hand. I’ve got two Intellijel 7U 104hp Stealth cases that I’m very happy with so I won’t be changing anytime soon regardless, but I never understand the unshrouded headers.

As an aside… I love sliding nuts. So go figure :sunglasses:

My understanding is that because there is not a standardized format, shrouded headers will not work with all modules. Because it is not a universal standardized format, Intellijel chose to use unshrouded headers which will work with all modules.

I was curious about this too because I liked how shrouded headers would guide the connector cable into place if I couldn’t see it, and prevented me from plugging it in wrong.

The standardization problem is easily fixed, though, is it not? Simply swap out the power cable for one that uses the smaller or larger size. And I’ve not see any lack of standardization, myself…I have a big pile of power cables that are all the same size and work with all modules (with the variant of 10 vs. 12 pin, obviously).