Shifty v/oct

dear all,
i seem to recall having read up on there not being a true standard as for V/oct – some devices seem to work (better) at 0/+10 and others are calibrated to prefer -5/+5 – yet, i’m really having trouble to integrate shifty into my setup (…although i love the module per se).

anybody have any hint for me how to get shifty to work(around) at the later voltages beyond adding various precision adders (such as a beast’s chalkboard, of which i own one)?

tips would be greatly appreciated! how do you use the module? do you tune all your oscillators very very low?

Tuning is very important when using Shifty. You should make sure you connect all of your oscillators and then send them all the same note (SR mode is good for this), and then perform your tuning. If you don’t follow that order things might not be tuned properly.

Shifty’s CV input will work with 0 - 10V. It might help if you described what kind of issues and difficulties you’ve experienced, or what you hope to accomplish with Shifty.

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thanks for helping out, @ScottMFR <3

one problem i have for instance is that my shuttle control (usb/cv module) outputs ±5 V/oct. basically this is the voltage all my modules work on (even intellijel’s own plonk uses ±5 V/oct)

i mainly want to use shifty for its voice allocation, but this turns out to be very difficult at it’s given voltages.

gentle bump… anybody else who can help out?

Yeah unfortunately there is not a great solution to this because Shifty only works with 0-10V, that’s just the way it was designed. If we were doing it again we might choose a different range but that’s what seemed like a good choice at the time.

The majority of the time you would probably not be moving beyond a 5 octave range for a voice, so commonly you would just tune your oscillators so that 0V is the lowest C that you’ll need to play and go from there.

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