Shifty reset issue

Loving my Shifty so far! One issue I’m having is when I trigger a reset it’s hanging for bit. From what I can tell it’s ignoring the immediate clock pulse and continuing on the next one. Is there a trick to using the reset while the clock is running? Should I be able to trigger clock and reset at the same time? I’m mainly using an Octocontroller to send the triggers.

Thanks for your help!

I want to resurrect this thread as I am also having the same issue. Whenever a reset is sent alongside a clock pulse Shifty misses firing a step.

So for example if I have a clock going into Shifty’s Gate input along with a reset on the One going into Shifty’s Reset input. On play the first gate from the clock pulse is ignored and so Shifty is a beat out. Additionally if a reset is received during playback, Shifty misses a beat again.

Can this be fixed - it’s a deal breaker on this other wise fantastic module.

I know with some of our modules they default to reset on the next clock pulse. Could that be what’s happening?

I’ve add this to our issues list, we’ll review.

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Hey @slowwild - thanks for the reply.

I think it’s because reset both resets and pauses. I notice that if the length of the gate into the reset input is longer than a small trigger then the skipping is because it’s actually pausing for as long as the reset gate is high. To get around this, a small trigger that isn’t long enough to cause the pause/skip behavior is required (I’m not sure what the length is before the pause behavior kicks in).

I’m not sure of the benefit of this reset + pause vs. a straight reset on gate high… Perhaps the behavior could be set via a keypress in the system settings (like how calibration and gate delay is adjusted?) or just removed entirely :slight_smile:

10 chars of yep :slight_smile:

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