Shifty out of tune. Please help

The CV outs from Shifty are really out of tune. I have a quad-tuner to monitor all my VCOs and all my VCOs have been tuned beforehand. I can’t seem to figure out why everything is horribly pitched. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Also, I tried the sampling delay compensation like the manual says. Some notes are on and others are completely off pitch. I’m not sure what to do at this point? Are there any known issues with pitch and Hermod sequencers?

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Maybe best to email, attach a video, and describe your patch, we should be able to help you out there.

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Great. I’ll put one together now!

Just for reference sake I’m using a Hermod as my sequencer. Shifty doesn’t respond to Hermod’s CV pitch at all. I’m seeing tons of demo videos on YouTube and the Shifty sounds great. Either my new Shifty is lemon or Hermod and Shifty do not make good friends.

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I seem to have similar problems
is there a way to calibrate?

There is a calibration that can be done, but it’s also possible that you have a faulty unit. Either way it’s best to e-mail

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Thanks i’ll do that then

Yes after I explained my problem to support they figured it was a faulty unit. So I’m in the process of getting mine replaced.

I received a replacement Shifty! Unfortunately I’m still having problems with it. Even with the most simplest patch the Shifty is playing 2 wrong notes in a simple 4 note melody. I’m using a tuner to monitor the notes as well, so it’s not just me. Once again, I’m starting to think the Shifty and the Hermod don’t work well with each other. I don’t think i have the patience to send and wait for a 3rd Shifty. I hope there is something that can be resolved because I really wanted the Shifty in my setup. :frowning:
And yes, I already contact support. I think it’s good for others to know that this isn’t just an isolated incident. If you’re reading this it’s most likely you might be having similar issues.

Have you tried changing the trigger latency compensation settings? It’s described on page 13 of the manual.

I came back to clear it up that the replacement Shifty was completely fine. I just needed to change the delay compensation settings like I did with my first Shifty.


Phew! That’s a relief fieldyfan. Thanks for the update!

@fieldyfan and @castano can I ask what Sampling Delay Compensation settings work best with Hermod and Shifty?

I’m having issues with Hermod and Shifty. I have an arpeggio line going from Hermod to Shifty and all I get back is the same note. It’s not cycling through the notes.

Shifty seems to work with everything else I throw at it. Just not Hermod.

Edit: so I realized why - it’s because Shifty doesn’t handle negative CV values (only 0 - 10v). Dang it.

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Ah ha! Thanks for clarifying that @ohexoh! That will be helpful for future troubleshooting.