Shifty as a sequencer

I was wondering, would there be any way (currently or perhaps with a firmware update) to use Shifty as a 4 step sequencer? By that I mean Shifty holds onto it’s 4 CV values and then cycles through them but does not constantly push and pop values in and out as it currently does by default.

I don’t think it’s possible currently, but it would be a neat feature, accessed maybe by holding both buttons down for a few seconds. In this mode, Steppy stops sampling the CV input and instead cycles through what’s already in memory…

Thinking on this further - by disabling the input sampling you then could use steppy as a store of voltage. For example, if Steppy was set to SR then triggering the gate input would just send the same voltage repeatedly out of the 4 inputs - no rotation. A great way to use the 4 outs to control another module consistently (eg: 4 values on Plonk).

Then moving from SR to 2 / 3 / 4 the voltages are still stored and locked (as per the proposed new non sampling mode) but now Steppy moves through them like in the sequencer example above.

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