Shapshifter firmware update

I just tried to update my shapeshifter but it doesn’t seem to have worked properly. i followed the video (windows used to update). everything seems to go ok but after following all the steps the button combo that shows the os version does nothing and the presets have glitchy looking symbols instead of preset names.
how long should the upload of the new os take once you press the start button? the video make it sound like its a long wait but mine happens quite quickly. any idea what i should be checking?

Try the update again. Make sure you also check “Verify” in the programming software so it verifies the firmware was uploaded correctly.

as it stands this morning it all appears to be working ok apart from the graphics on the loading screen says In••••••• Cylonix, with odd symbols where the dots are. Is this normal?

Yes, that’s normal

Are the factory presets still there in the latest update? Thanks

There are factory presets, but they’re not exactly the same as the original.

Thanks. I loaded 2.02 and the presets appear to be all the same that is why I asked and thought perhaps they are all a default setting that needs to be tweaked and stored. The earlier version had some to try first I believe.

Maybe I need to re load the firmware?