Shapeshifter's preset changes w/cv?

Hi there,
I’d like to know if we can change ShapeShifter’s presets using CV.

Thanks a lot.


Yes you can. This feature was introduced in firmware version 2.02 and there’s a quick video demonstration of it here:

You can also change chords, wave shapes, and randomize settings via CV and this is all demonstrated in the video.

Hi Scott!
Thanks a lot.
I just updated the modules and didn’t get the new features. Sorry.

Yes I understood.
Fucking omnipotent and massive features.
It double integrated my new setup.
I’ll change preset… Through shuttle control and Live. Crazy.

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No apology necessary!

Enjoy the new goodies…

hi @ScottMFR,
I tested it works fine but I’d like to know if I could basically use CV for selecting a preset without using STEPs.
I mean: 0V would be the preset 1, 0.1V the preset2 etc.

Stepping is nice for me if I want to randomize or just using a trigger, but I’d need to select this or that preset on the fly using automation.

The best way to do that would still need a trigger, but if you select MODB in the Preset Step Menu you can use the MOD B knob or the MOD B CV input to use CV to select presets within the Beg-End range.

The faster the pulses are sent to the Sync/Trig input, the smoother the cv automation resolution will be. Or if you just sent sync pulses every few bars it would update at that point.

Does that make sense?

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I will test this in few minutes in my studio, but just for being more precise, I don’t want to change preset using any step. I need to change the preset at some point with a voltage. I don’t need sync input for that right ?

I mean, I have my stuff, plugged, and I send n VOLTS and it goes to the preset I want. no more

You still need to send something to the Sync/Trig input for it to load the preset.

Think of it this way: Mod B CV input selects the preset, Sync/Trig input loads the preset. It doesn’t have to be a gate signal tied to your tempo, you could just use a square wave lfo. For example with something like Planar, you could use the X CV out to select preset using modB, then press use the gate button to load that preset.

What were you planning to use to select the presets?

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i use midi cc or whatever and convert that into voltage, pulse whatever with shuttle control.
so basically, cc from 0 to 127 converted to smoothed value from 0 to 5v (or bipolar, shuttle control can do that) could be nice for changing my preset.
i do that on my BRAIDS using META mode.

Yeah Shuttle should be able to take care of both the Selection CV and Trig to load.

Hey ScottMFR, testing this in few minutes in the studio.
It would mean changing CC + send a note for a trigger. Not necessarily “natural” but why not. I’ll try.

so… it works but the sync is my problem.
should I use the same trigger as each note (= env to vca) triggered ?
the option of a LFO permanently sending trig for loading sporadic mod b change is also changing my sound (by retriggering something, sync I don’t know)

The timing of the Trig would depend on how often you want the new presets to update. If you want to change the preset every time you play a note then you would send the same gate as your note on. If you wanted it to update on the beat then you would use a clock divided output. If you want it to have really high resolution then use a fast lfo or clock.

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I want to do that only “one time”

I mean:

I recall a preset.
I play with it (notes, CC> voltage)
then I recall a preset etc.

There are workarounds, actually, but for changing a preset in my case in Live with shuttle control, I need:

  • to automate a CC value (corresponding to the preset I want to recall)
  • to play a note that commit the preset (a note I don’t want to listen too)

That’s okay I understood well how it works now :slight_smile:

My hybrid setup is coming.
ShapeShifter is one of the rare modules to use presets and recall
and that µfold circuit GOSH !! I <3 it !

that’s a totally unofficial test of it + machinedrum + braids module all controlled with Live through shuttle control with some flavors of erbeverb + phonogene as broken echo as AUX.

OK cool.

Yeah if you’re using an ableton controller you could map a button to load presets. As long as it sent a momentary high voltage if would do the trick.

Yeah the wavefolder can get some crazy tones.

Nice track btw! Very cool rhythms and textures…

Actually, no controller.
preset changes are automated using CC.
CC -> shuttle control -> Voltage to MOD B

I hope to post about that setup when I’ll be okay with it.
Currently looking for other sound sources modules able to store/recall presets, actually.

In Intellijel’s line-up there’s Plonk, Rainmaker, and Metropolis.

However with Tetrapad voltage mode you can kind of create presets by sending specific values to 8 destinations.