Shapeshifter Wavetable Data

Hi - the Shapeshifter manual appendix D (“changing the wavetable samples”) suggests to load the firmware file into a hex-editor - that’s what I’m doing right now. It says at offset 0x0F000 (probably 0x0F0000 is meant) the wavebank names can be found and starting from offset 0x0100000 the actual wave data is stored.
It’s not the first time I’m using a hex editor, but I can’t find any useful wavetable data in the file. I’m using the latest firmware, i.e. shapeshifter_v2.04_jan16_2020.jic from the intellijel website.
Am I looking at the wrong file?

The instructions are for the original .bin file, whereas the .jlc is a “compiled” file. Details from Jim Clark are here:

Hi PM33AUD, the issue here is that you are trying to edit the .jic file. Apart from the address offset you discovered, there is also a bit reversal in the bytes. But editing the .jic file is a non-starter since the header (hence the offset) requires a checksum to be computed, and Altera has not revealed the proprietary method for computing the checksum. So you could edit the .jic, but the Altera programmer will not load the edited file since the checksum would be wrong.

The technique outlined in the manual works on the .bin file, not the .jic file. The .bin file is a raw reading of the eeprom contents. To get the .bin file, since I don’t think it is on the intellijel site for the newer versions of the firmware, you can use the Terasic Control Panel program as outlined in the manual appendix. This program is very (very) slow to read and write the eeprom, but it works fine and the .bin file is simple to edit and work with (no offsets).

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Ok, that’s more or less what I concluded - thanks for the confirmation and the additional link!