Shapeshifter screen issues in new 7U Performance case

my new 104hp 7u performance case arrived today. I’ve put all my modules in it and booted it up.

the shapeshifter starts up with the cylonix logo at full brightness then it goes dislike its missing power or something. wmd arpitecht does not power up at all.

I’ve got 15v coming out of the power supply. + and - 12 on the board pins too.

whats next to check? specs included

Update. Probably user error somewhere. I’ve unplugged everything and started from scratch trying every module one at a time and its fine so far. I think maybe i had a module in back to front maybe. Could this have caused that kind of issue?

Lesson learned. Take your time when loading up a new case!

Yes, having a module plugged in backwards or offset can definitely cause problems like that. Glad you got it figured out!