Shapeshifter Pulse Out

At the moment there are two Shapeshifters at my place. One is of an acquintance. I just got a new one and he experienced problems with his one. So if I could A/B them…

FW 2.04

FW 2.03

First thing I noticed on his SS, was that the tuning was almost two octaves higher then mine. (Course and Fine CCW). I recalibrated it. Not perfect yet, but it dropped an octave. I`ll try to recalibrate later again. Besides that I adjusted the offset. It was like 2 volts above zero. That is looking good now.

But what really is strange, If I use the Pulse out (SQ1 or SQ2) my Rubicon won’t “Hardsync” to it. Softsync no problem. If I put the (SQ1 or SQ2) out in an audiomixer or oscilloscope I hear/see a squarewave.

Rubicon will Hardsync to my SS…

The temperature of my SS seems lower (not measured, so it could be some short circuit in my brain :wink:)


  1. What is a normal pitch (hz or note) when Coarse and Fine are turned CCW and nothing is patched to Pitch1?

  2. Is there a difference in firmware regarding the “Pulse out”?

  3. Do you have some other useful suggestions (except “go find another hobby”)

Thanks in advance!