Shapeshifter problems

Hi Intellijel,

Im experiencing some problems with my Shapeshifter, i got it secondhand from a producer from Groningen.

The module appears to be in a great state.

But im noticing some problems…

Im noticing weird underscores appearing on the LCD screen and shifting around all the time, and my Pulse/LFO2 light wont stop being orange.

When i try out the Intellijel tutorial videos, for example the waveshaping video, i cannot get any of the sounds to be like the ones in the video, even though all settings appear to be exactly as given in the tutorial.

Any suggestion on what might be the problem ?

Best Regards,


PS I still think its an amazing module :slight_smile: thank you for creating this !! <3

Okay i fixed the orange light button, but the screen still looks pretty darn weird :stuck_out_tongue:

What version of the firmware are you running? There was a recent update to deal with the screen artifacts on some units.

Might also be best to e-mail