Shapeshifter Preset Problem

I’ve already notified support, but thought I’d ask the group if they’ve ever ran into this problem.

After I load a preset, the module randomly changes from the saved sound. This occurs no matter which preset I choose. I’ve chosen a steady drone patch to better illustrate this in the video example I’ve uploaded on YouTube.

Have you tried turning down the MOD A attenuator?

beat me to it. It was a while before I got used to the fact that the mod A attenuator is in play a lot of the time even when there is no signal running into the jack.

No, unfortunately nothing as simple as that fixes the problem. I have a lot of steady drone patches that I’ve used for the past 5 years and this odd behavior just started.

I’m going to reload the firmware to see if this has any effect.

I was just checking since it was turned up in your video.

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I appreciate it. Sometimes those things are easy to overlook.

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