Shapeshifter pitch?

Hi! I’m very new to the modular World and I have a noob question about pitch control on the shapeshifter once calibrate properly ( pitch coming from Elektron A4 ):

While coarse and fine parameters are completely counterclockwise ( full left ) and the input from A4 is a C what I hear i the shapeshifter is something around a A. I have to tweak the coarse and fine param to tune the shape shifter to a C.

Once shapeshifter is tuned it stays perfectly fine.

Question is : shouldn’t I be able to find the right tuning when coarse and fine are fully counterclockwise?


No. That seems like it would be much too low of a tuning to be usable for pitch by midi. You tune coarse and fine to whatever your note value is(use a tuner). The 2nd oscillator’s relationship to the first(ratio) is saved with the preset, but coarse and fine tuning are not.

Thanks for the feedback. It seems really strange to me that both Coarse & Fine doesn’t have - at least - a visual mark or something else to help user finding the right pitch but ok :slight_smile:

All oscillators work like this. “Correct Pitch” is only a specific frequency relative to your own application. In your case you are looking for the oscillator’s pitch to match with your A4’s keyboard value. Example: You could easily desire to retune to a just a different octave. Its very handy that you can save the 2nd oscillators “pitch”.

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