Shapeshifter Output Volume

I have Shapeshifter since 1year now. Bought it used and it was hard way to come to the point that i can say i think i understand this modul mostley.
And now i building presets for a liveact and i am not sure is it a normal behavior but in some settings the sounds get very low than in other. So i start twisting everything so its loud enough an i have no big jumps in the volume when i switch the presets. But this also means that make compromises in the way how build the sounds. So… am i missing something? or is it really not possible to adjust the volume of the presets/ osc? Or is there an issue with unit?

Can you give some examples of presets where the volume is low, vs the volume being high? There’s a lot of things that can affect the perceived or actual volume of a sound.

There are a lot of settings that could impact output level including being in ringmod mode.

One of the most common would be activating chord mode. While in this mode you are stacking a lot of waveforms and so the volume is dropped in order to allow for adequate headroom. You can however turn up the “chord drive” level to compensate for this.

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