Shapeshifter LCD not displaying properly


I’m new to eurorack, and recently purchased a secondhand shapeshifter. I believe I have everything plugged in correctly. The LCD is displaying as pictured below. My synth is not complete, and so I haven’t been able to test sound, but from what I can tell the menus are operating correctly, it’s just that the screen is glitching out. The seller stated that the shapeshifter was refurbished by Intellijel in May of last year.

Any advice? I’ll likely return it to the seller, but I may also want to work out an arrangement where I keep the shapeshifter for a reduced price and send it to Intellijel myself. Would that potentially be risky if Intellijel cannot repair it?

Thank you!

The picture was filtered out so I wasn’t able to see it. Please send the photo to

If you would like to have the module repaired, most likely we will just require shipping be covered both ways.