Shapeshifter issue

I’m new to this forum and hope I don’t create a topic that already exists. I have a problem with a Shapeshifter I just bought from a friend. I’ve been trying to find my way around it for a couple of days and my problem is this:
Out2 only give me an audiorate signal when Quant-button is on. If everything is set to default and Coarse- and Ratio-knobs are set to 12 o’clock, I get a 333Hz signal from Out1 and a 0,1Hz signal from Out2. If I push the Quant-button the signal from Out2 is 263Hz.
If I turn the the Ratio-knob to max, Out2 gives me 1,1Hz (with Quant-button on 2,8kHz).
With the LFO button on it’s even slower (with Ratio at 12 o’clock Out2 is 0,003Hz).
Is there some adjustments I have missed or something I can do to make it work properly?

Does it make a difference if something is connected to the Pitch 1 or 2 inputs?

It sounds to me like it might need to be recalibrated. Give this a try, if it doesn’t work reach out to

Not a big difference – when Ratio is set to 12 o’clock I get 0,11 Hz from Out2, and when I put 8v into Pitch 1 or 2, I get 0,16Hz.

I will try the recalibration. Thanks for a fast reply.

Thanks for the help. Now I got Osc2 working in the audio range.

Oh good! Glad to hear it Uburoi…

Have fun with Shapeshifter!