Shapeshifter Fold Output - Always outputting signal

Hi everyone,

I’m experiencing an easter egg in which the fold output of my Shapeshifter constantly emits a signal, even when the fold pot is turned fully CCW. The only thing that seems to silence it is to feed negative CV into the fold jack.

There’s a trimmer on the back of the module, can anyone verify if this is related to the wavefolder? If not, is there another way to silence the fold output?

Thanks in advance.

At some point Intellijel changed the operation of the fold circuit in the Shapeshifter. I like it always on like on the newer revisions, you can always put a VCA after it, or use the Fold input and put a VCA before it.

I see. It’s not necessary an issue that it’s always on (hence referring it as an easter egg). Thanks for the response DarkBarn!