Shapeshifter feature request

Hi Guys

I find I am using the percussion setting on my Shapeshifter a lot. But there have been a lot of times when I have really wantd to be able to control the “attack” of the the envelope in both percussion modes.

Could this be done?



Me too, I often find myself wanting to be able to control the attack.

You just need to use an external envelope and turn off perc mode. Unfortunately the Shapeshifter firmware is basically full so no new features will be added.

No problem Kamil. Just thought it would be quite a good feature to use in a limited space rig where adding another envelope and VCA would have taken more space.

I would like to see a mode to quantize or lock the course knob.
If you touch it just a little, you have to re-tune it.

my understanding is we’ll have to manage this “locking” from elsewhere, because:

At the very least this (external pitch control) lets one have the coarse knob all the way CCW; after a nudge it there’s no feeling around to return to the right spot.

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When I set the course knob and FINE to CCW, it went to 500Hz when I sent 5V.
I guess the only way now is to remove the course knob and replace it with a semi-fixed resistor… .hahaha

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ah, try this instead:

  • coarse knob fully CW
  • send a bipolar -5v to +5v to the pitch (i’m using a quadratt knob)
  • (set your desired “home” pitch somewhere in that 10v range with a digital module or a knob out of the way)

Agreed. Just had a chance to patch, sorry @polyshaft it didn’t work fully on a 5v range!

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I know some people will just remove the knob for parameters that they don’t want to touch in a live performance. It wouldn’t lock it, but it would make it less likely to be moved.