Shapeshifter - Drone

The two outputs of 3 shapeshifters each go to Cwejman Filter. The pitch inputs and shape inputs of the shapeshifters as well as the CV inputs of the Cwejman filters are controlled by slewed random waveforms of the Pamela New Workouts. Some performance.


Nice! Particularly diabolic in the middle there for a bit.

Just lovely. I’ve been looking for/thinking about drones that are less on the chaotic side and I thought this was actually quite pretty, if you don’t mind me saying so. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for your reply. With the Shapeshifter you can really create very nice pads or drones, but also very chaotic clichés, especially with the help of the internal fm parameter, the Multis 1 to 8 as well as the combo modes and of course everything in between. Cheers.

Thanks :grinning::+1:.

Yeah I have a Shapeshifter (one, not three lol), I’m proud to say I studied the entire manual and I 100% agree with you that some FM indexing and Multis are good ways to get noisier sounds (though FM indexing at certain locked ratios sounds very “sweet”)…I think different sync options can produce noisier stuff too…and all kinds of CV modification of course.