Shapeshifter 2.02 issues and questions

I have some questions / issues with my new Shapeshifter. Awesome sonic potential by the way.

  1. Is there a way to deactivate or mute the DELAY DEPTH from MOD B?
    When I use the MORPH (MOD B) knob from center to right I always hear the change of the feedback delay amount rising up, but the dlyFB is 00 and on MOD B nothing is plugged in.
    I just want to modulate TILT and not DELAY DEPTH with MOD B.
    FB: 00+00 to FB: 00+ xx and I can hear the “resonator”, short delay. Why?

  2. It seems MORPH MOD B is a relative value!?
    After reboot of the Shapeshifter the MORPH MOD B value is no longer zero (0) and in the center position of the knob.
    When I load an other preset everything goes back to normal. Is this a bug?

  3. Sometimes the display not react of the WAVE BANK changes with the endless rotary knob!?
    It only happens when the WAVE BANK 2 is active in the display. I can wiggle the encoder and I can hear the change of wave banks, but it changed the wave bank for WAVE BANK 1 which is not displayed.

  4. The tuning of the Shapeshifter works only well over 3 octaves!?
    I use the µMIDI and it works well with my DIXIE II+ but with the digital Shapeshifter it has an offset after some notes high and/ or low.
    With an other hw sequencer to control the pitch 1 of the Shapeshifter it works fine.
    I can also hold the Shapeshifter in correct pitch with the DIXIE II+ over the SYNC / TRIG input.

Is there any solution or did I mistake something here?

  1. The CHORD MODE function button can’t remember the last position before toggle (maybe not so important ;))
    When I toggle between chord mode and “bass / lead” mode the button always skips back to MULTI (chord type) and not the last position in the menu when I toggle back.

Thanks for any comments or help. :slight_smile:

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Okay I guess I understand now the delay mode and the MOD B options.

1: dlyFB parameter is the ‘echo level’, delay feedback coupled with the wet / dry for the delay. Two parameters in one knob. The oscillator 2 determines the delay time.
The MOD B can only modifier all parameter in the list e. g. dlyFB or TILT or decay time if percussion mode is active.
It is not possible to use MOD B for a single parameter. (or have I overlooked a possibility here?)

I think this behaviour makes the SS so user unfriendly. It would be nice if I could separate the destinations for the modifier (MOD B) instead of juggle with bipolar offset values.

4: I guess it is a issue in my setup. sequencer and SS are in the same case. µMIDI and the Dixie are in an other case.
I have a workaround with the (analog) Dixie as a pitch master for the digital SS. :wink:

You can use MOD B on a single or multiple parameters, but its one input value (determined by CV+Knob) and you can apply it to any of the 4 functions on the top right of the module (in addition to a static value set by the left encoder), tap the corresponding button to toggle between a fixed value, and one modified by MOD B.

In the delay example, tap “Delay Depth” multiple times to toggle between dlyFB:00 and something like FB:00+02. The former is a fixed value set by the encoder, the later is the encoder value + or - the MOD B value. You can toggle all four modes on the right the same way. you can have all, some or none of them affected by MOD B


Regarding 3 + 4, best to get in touch with support:

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I see. I see. I understood the press twice as a menu, not as on / off for the modulation. Thanks!

I made a calibration for the pitch. With my µMIDI (1.5.) and a buffered mult.

It works better now, but not perfect. The calibration just looks on one octave. C0 to C1.
I guess this is not accurate enough. There is a pitch drift for higher notes.