Shapeshifter 2.01 Weird Characters on the LCD at boot

I see these weird characters at bootup of the Shapeshifter 2.01 update. These garbage characters were there in the previous version also…I wonder if this could be corrected by putting a slight delay of a few milliseconds at cold boot to allow the processor to stabilize once it comes out of POR (power on reset) and allow the LCD routines to write correctly because they seem to be writing garbage…Just a hint from a firmware engineer. I assume this because everything else that shows up later looks OK on both lines of the LCD. Otherwise, do I have bad hardware ???

Its the same on my module… Assume it’s just the start up display.

Nothing wrong with your module, that’s just how it is.

Is this with all ShapeShifters? (Sorry to necrobump again…)

Yes, it’s totally harmless and doesn’t affect anything in usage

OK, I’ll try to calm down the micromanager in me.

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