Shapeshifter 1.2V/Oct?

Was just wondering, is it possible to recalibrate the Shapeshifter to track at 1.2V/Oct?

I’m thinking of adding one to a Buchla system, and this would save some effort converting pitch CV

I think it should be possible. The calibration of the Shapeshifter takes a 0V and a 1V input to determine the pitch scaling. If for the second input you apply 1.2V it should track 1.2V/octave.

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Excellent! I read about the calibration procedure and that’s how I was hoping it works.

So there shouldn’t be any limitations on the V/Oct measurement? Or at least 1.2V would be an acceptable range?

We tested this with a Shapeshifter today and it’s able to be calibrated and track 1.2V/oct just fine.

Thanks for verifying!