Setup umidi 1U in Cubase 11

How do i setup umidi 1U in cubase 11 so it sync to eurorack and back to my track in cubase 11. There is only video for Ableton and not for cubase.

Hi Tony,

I’m sorry but I’ve never really used Cubase. In order to send clock from Cubase you will probably have to enable something in your preferences. It may be labelled as SYNC or MMC (MIDI Machine Control), or you may have to set Cubase as the Master Clock.

You should also be able to setup the MIDI 1U as the output destination for a MIDI track so it will receive PITCH, GATE, MOD, CC and VELocity.

This may or may not help. I’m in the middle of building my 7U eurorack. I have a Mother 32 that I wanted to sync clock from Cubase 11 to the M32. It’s not layed out in a logical way. One thing that might address some of your questions at least regarding clock,if you haven’t seen it is to go to Transport at the top of the main page. Go down to Project Syncronization Setup. There are a few selections to try. Sorry this doesn’t address all your questions. I’ll be facing the same things down the road. Hope this helps some.

I could add, that if the 1U modules are connected correctly to the case, for midi to communicate with your rack, create a Midi Track in Cubase. In the Inspector on the left side, you’ll see midi i/o. If you select the midi interface (The drop down menu below “All Midi Inputs”) you should get a drop down of your midi interface. If you don’t have an interface, you’ll need one and install Win 10 drivers. After you select your midi interface, right below that is the assigned midi channel. For this I’m not sure where to go if the Intellijel requires an certain midi channel. It may not require any. My first try would be to connect an output 1/8" cable of the 1U module to an input on one of your modules and see what happens. The 1U module might just pass on any data it receives from Cubase regardless of midi channel. Anyway, enough rambling. Good Luck.

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Thx for this advice, Will check this. We cubase eurorack hybrid setup users need so start a youtube channel :slight_smile: Ableton users are realy good on that :slight_smile:

That would be cool. I’ve never made a YouTube vid, or much of any video. But it might be worth a go. I’m pretty rusty when it comes to Cubase, but I’m trying to get reacquainted. Not to be whiner, but with the shortage of 1U Intellijel guitar input modules it could be a while before I get the guitar going. I could get the Strymon AA.1 or some other route. But thats just more money.

Cubase users have a ruff time to make hybrid stuff easy hehe, what a Big red button and magin hapends :slight_smile: hopfully midi 2.0 Will fix all this problems. But a video how to set up preferens in cubase and make it sync and work like a charm with umidi and how to route it ect Will be so good for us cubase users:) hopfully intellijel have time to do this :slight_smile: